I am a Writer/filmmaker/producer based in Portland Oregon. My focus is primarily on writing and directing absurd comedy, music videos, and other short narrative pieces, but I also occasionally produce commercial projects, work in the art department, and produce television for XRAYTV. I also play music and run a film workspace collective in close-in east Portland. You can find links to all of my work in the menu above and a link to my most recently completed project below, which happens to be a music video for the Portland based band The Builders and the Butchers. Feel free to hit me with comments, questions, food-challenges, etc., or scroll through my inane comments on social media. Enjoy!

"No Means No" is the official music video for the album of the same name by Ezza Rose available spring 2018. http://www.ezzaroseband.com/ https://open.spotify.com/artist/4evY8aZMgipgvYVWNQinma http://instagram.com/ezzaroseband https://ezzarose.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/ezzaroseband Starring: Celia Nappi, Montetré Remotent, Kayla Hanson, Alec England, Ethan Solis,Tate Kuhn, Robert Riley Turner, Gurunam Atwal, Lonne Woodlee + Ronin Woodlee, Dominique Thomas, Justin Jameson, Daniel Valdivia, Kyle Stoltz, Craig Rupert, Tim Shrout & Devin P.
The Builders and The Butchers "No Grave" music video from the album Spark directed by Joe Bowden Starring: Ashley Mellinger Matt Mount Edgar McRae Doug Paquin Jake Smith Travis Visscher Director of Photography: lonne Woodlee Producer/Assistant Director: Chantil Hawley Art.

Grandpa offers some sage advice to his granddaughter as she copes with the death of her kitty-cat whom she drowned. 


NEW MOVE music video "It Was No Good" is a two-part epic noir about a passive aggressive star-crossed super couple with a seeming inability to not double-cross each other.

The exciting conclusion to "It Was No Good" my epic noir about a passive aggressive star-crossed super couple double-crossing each other.


Beverly - By Rio Grands OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

"Beverly"  A music video by Rio Grands,



On The Court. A comedy web series

Jeff explains the virtue of lying.


Introducing Needle Drop Co. A launch video for a music licensing company based in Portland. Written by Joe Bowden and Josh Spacek. Directed by Joe Bowden

Introducing Needle Drop Co. A full service Music Agency specializing in sync licensing, music supervision and music production. Learn more: www.needledrop.co 


I wrote and Directed this...

An exciting new app for your home computer, work computer, smart phone, and even tablet.

Introducing GoPantry. A product concept video for an app in development.

This is a concept launch video I did for an app that is now in development. Check out gopantry.co for more information. Written by Christopher Moscardi, Jason Bowden and Joe Bowden Directed By Joe Bowden Starring Noel Taylor, Travis Visscher