Big Ideas

I directed all of the Portland-based content and edited this proof of concept vid from GreenOX pallet technology. 

In addition to providing savings throughout the supply chain and solving critical business challenges, Green Ox Pallet Technology also advances environmental and sustainability objectives. Because Green Ox Corrugated Pallets weigh less and are partially made from recycled materials, they reduce CO2 emissions throughout their lifecycle and reduce a company's environmental footprint, making them "Tangibly Green™."


Change the Pallet

I produced and assistant-directed this video for the non-profit Change the Pallet wherein an absurd spokesperson and his adult lackey teach us how we can have a massive impact on reducing carbon in the atmosphere by simply switching the kinds of pallets we use to ship our goods. Check it out. Learn about what you can do to get involved.
Starring Dennis Fitzpatrick and Ritchie Young
Written and directed by Tim Perry

Sign the Petition NOW: Sign the petition to let Governor Kate Brown and the Oregon Legislature know you support HB 4089 which would reduce carbon emissions by switching from heavy wood pallets to lightweight, 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard pallets. Change the Pallet, Change the Planet! Learn More:


Introducing Needle Drop

I co-wrote and directed this launch video for a start up music licensing company called Neddle Drop Co.

Introducing Needle Drop Co. A full service Music Agency specializing in sync licensing, music supervision and music production. Learn more: 


GoPantry makes life easier for you and your roommate Steve

I directed and produced this concept launch vid for an app called GoPantry

This is a concept launch video I did for an app that is now in development. Check out for more information. Written by Christopher Moscardi, Jason Bowden and Joe Bowden Directed By Joe Bowden Starring Noel Taylor, Travis Visscher