Other Collaborations


Created by B. Frayn Masters, founder and MC of Portland’s premier storytelling event BACKFENCE PDX, Portland's Sh#t Show is a monthly workshop presentation wherein artists create and share new work for the purpose of entertainment, workshopping, and craft. We mostly improvised these sketches in an afternoon.

TEAM WOLF. 48 Film Project. Guignol Fest A 72 Hour Horror Film Festival

Team Wolf is a filmmaking group based in Portland which started with friends and coworkers making shorts for the 48 film project and GuignolFest, a Portland Based horror film contest.

The group's members have branched out to do many other film related projects including contributing to my own films. My role on the team is generally as a producer, gaffer, grip, and occasionally directing a scene or two. Below are the last few 48hr Film project entries we did as well as shorts for Guignolfest including one that both myself and my filmmaking partner Lonne Woodlee "acted" in. 

2017 Guignol 72Hr horror film fest. Produced by TeamWolf. Winner of : Best of Show, Music and Lighting.
Lucy, a time-a-holic, struggles to keep her time bending skills in check. Winner of the 2016 Audience choice award and Editing for the Portland 48Hr Film Project.
A TeamWolf production for the 72Hr Guignol Film Fest 2015. -Winner of Best of Show -Best Cinematography -Best Score
A TeamWolf Production for the Portland 48Hr Film Fest 2015. -2nd place winner -Best Cinematography -Best use of prop (bike part)
2014 Portland 48 Hr. Film fest Submission. I edited this twisted tale for Team Wolf Productions. Directed by Erin Lyon.
BPTV host Noel Taylor talks Portland b.s. and grills Colin Jenkins on his cover of "Heroes and Villains" from the all-Portland Beach Boys cover album, Portland Smiles.