The following are projects that I both wrote and directed.

Ezza Rose - No Means No (Official Music Video)

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“My goal with this video was to shine a light on the clandestine battles women are forced to engage in, specifically in public spaces. While many of our public spaces are designed to facilitate and improve our lives, too often they allow for a double standard in which all woman must negotiate uncomfortable, unfair, hostile, or dangerous situations, while men either as perpetrators or as bystanders get the choice to opt-in or opt-out.

I asked some of the women in my life to share real stories from their lives and I took those accounts and translated them into vignettes, each one designed to highlight something specific about this inequity. My hope is that all men, myself included (at :43 seconds) will learn to challenge each other to be better."

-Joe Bowden Writer, Director


The Pickathon Pumphouse & Edge Stage 2018

The Pickathon Pumphouse & Edge Stage sessions are a curated film/recording session that operates in the backstage area of the festival. For four days during the festival many bands come to the Pumphouse to track a song in a controlled environment directed by me and produced by Ashley Mellinger and Sarge Sargis. You can follow the links to see the entire 2018 season (22 sessions) via Pickathon’s youtube page.

Edge Series - Season 5 - Episode 1 Outside Magazine presents Broken Social Scene in this episode of the Pickathon Edge Series. Visit Outside Magazine ( on the 3rd Thursday of every month for a new Edge Series episode in Season 5 (Oct. 2018 - Aug. 2019).

The Builders and The Butchers - No Grave (Official Music Video)

The Builders and The Butchers "No Grave" music video from the album Spark directed by Joe Bowden Starring: Ashley Mellinger Matt Mount Edgar McRae Doug Paquin Jake Smith Travis Visscher Producer/Assistant Director: Chantil Hawley Director of Photography: lonne Woodlee Art.

The Builders and The Butchers - Older Than Sin (Directors Cut)

In "Older Than Sin" an official music video from the album The Spark by The Builders and The Butchers (song available everywhere) a reclusive family's patriarch is laid peacefully to rest the normal way. Directed by Joe Bowden Producer: Ashley Mellinger Director of Photography: E. P. Davee Starring: Dennis Fitzpatrick Walter Studheit Genevieve Tafoye True Charlotte Pener Elodie Magierek  Danielle Maes Mike Strickland Nathan Alter Brianna LeBlanc Dodger Drace Douglas Olson Assistant Director: Ashley Mellinger Art Director: Shannon Camarra Set Design: Joe Bowden Key Grip/Gaffer: Jason Krznarich Hair and Makeup: Erin Lyon Carpenters: Joe Bowden, Jason Krznarich Second Unit: Camera Operator: Lonne Woodlee Producer: Vo Minh McBurney Gaffer: David Koesters PA's: Mike Doherty, Jake Smith, Mike Strickland Special thanks to: Robert Olson, Spielman Bagels, Badman Recording Co., Open Signal, SAG, and Chelsea Lofton and her dog Jasper

Rio Grands - Beverly (Official Music Video)

The Beverly music video derives inspiration from 80's Huey Lewis era campyness and features cameos by local bands Thanks, Hustle and Drone, Ages and Ages, No Kind of Rider and New Move. Rodrigo Melgarejo - Director of photography Lonne Woodlee - 1st AC / Camera Operator Kevin Forest - Camera Operator Joe Forsythe - Gaffer Emily Yurek - Art Director/Camera Op.

Parts 1 & 2 of It Was No Good a music video for the band NEW MOVE:

The exciting conclusion to "It Was No Good" my epic noir about a passive aggressive star-crossed super couple double-crossing each other. You can see Part 1 which is a music video for Portland band NEW MOVE here:
NEW MOVE music video "It Was No Good" is a two-part epic noir about a passive aggressive star-crossed super couple with a seeming inability to not double-cross each other. Check out part two here!

On The Court

Jeff explains the virtue of lying.


P@#n Simple

An exciting new app for your home computer, work computer, smart phone, and even tablet.


It Immediately Backfires

Ritchie jumps to some hasty conclusions about animal magnetism.

Wisdom From Grandpa

Grandpa offers some sage advice to his granddaughter as she copes with the death of her kitty-cat whom she drowned. 

On the Court Eps. 3

On The Court Eps. 3 "Making Friends" Ritchie abruptly cancels his friendship with Jesse and Travis after making some new friends on the court...

It Immediately Backfires Eps. 5

A vagrant oracle who seems more than a little lonely foresees the folly in Ritchie's plan to finally win an argument with his girlfriend.

On The Court Eps. 2

Steve tells Jeff about an awesome party.